NeoDomusLtd. –About Us / Whowe are?

The company was founded as an architectonic project atelier in 1991. It has been relatively quickly extended and respected market requires which has led to the functional architectonic atelier exactly how it is presented now.
Staff structure follows the needs of the atelier. It focuses on all parts of the project including the author’s supervising during the realization.
The key team of the atelier consists of internal employees who are charteredarchitects, civil engineers, traffic engineers, structural designer as well as external specialists who are proper licenses, authorizations and other certificates owners.

The Management

Ing. arch. Peter GUGA - charteredarchitect, more than 30 years of experience in architecture, design, urbanism, civic engineering activities – transactor of the company.
Ing. Juraj ŠINKA - chartered engineer, more than 30 years of experience, postgraduation in geotechnics, structural design, judge expert in engineering, structural design – transactor of the company.

Responsible draughtsmen

Ing. Juraj GALVÁNEK - chartered engineer, more than 30 years of experience,postgraduation in building physics, engineer-in-chief supervising.
Ing. Irina JAKUŠOVÁ - chartered engineer, more than 30 years of experience, postgraduation in building physics and vegetation covers, part of building realisation, CAD – draughtswoman-in-chief
Ing. Arch. Boris Oprchal - chartered engineer, more than 10 years of experience, BIM draughtsman
Ing. Karol Hrdlička - chartered architect, 15 years of experience, draughtsman supervisor in building part, BIM draughtsman
Ing. Erika Vojtíšková - chartered engineer, 15 years of experience, traffic engineering
Ing. Michal Ochránek - chartered engineer, 15 years of experience, concrete constructions, structural design, BIM draughtsman

Other draughtsmen

Except chartered engineers also other draughtsmen are employed in the company. These are constructors who participate on the individual project parts, such as architects, structural designers and engineers, highway constructors and air condition designers.